Poncelin de Raucourt Fine Arts

Expertise, purchase, sale and brokerage of old paintings and drawings

Located at 4 Rue de la Paix, halfway between the Drouot auction house and Rue Saint Honorée, our upstairs office in the heart of Paris will be the opportunity to exchange in a confidential environment dedicated to the Arts.

New acquisitions 2023, online catalog!

We will be happy to welcome you at the gallery between March 22 and 27

If you can't come, you can admire the exhibition on this virtual tour

Who are we?

With a decade of experience in the art market, and a rich family collection, Diederick Poncelin de Raucourt has specialized in the attribution (or re-attribution) of forgotten masterpieces.

Our most beautiful discoveries are most often presented in a confidential way to our customers collectors, whether they are institutional or private.

Our gallery works in close collaboration with experienced professionals in both technical and scientific fields.

If you wish to benefit from an exclusive service, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your expectations.